Monday, November 23, 2009

Geek Love - Sneak Peek at chapter 21

Here is a sneak peek at chapter 21, as of yet untitled.  It will be the most citrusy chapter to date!

Had I been able to speak, I would have said yes.  As it was, I couldn't even nod.  I wanted her so fucking badly all I could manage was a soft whimper as her lips found mine again.

Somehow she found the strength to pull away, taking my hand as she turned and walked up the stairs.  Following behind her, my jeans feeling uncomfortably tight, I couldn't believe that this amazingly sexy, funny, smart woman was mine.  She loved me.  She wanted me.  She was equally tortured, equally maddened by me, and was letting me see that.

So.  Fucking.  Sexy.

My eyes never left Bella.

Without hesitation she turned to face me, about six feet of space between us, and pulled her t-shirt over her head

Holy Victoria's Secret, Batman!

I had seen Bella without her shirt on before, but never from any distance, and never so clearly. Shutting the door—just in case—I took a single step closer, reminding myself not to touch. My eyes never left her, roaming from her beautiful lips, slightly swollen and red from our kisses, to her flushed cheeks, wild hair, and then down to...gah! She was wearing a blue bra with white trim, her smooth flesh pushed up enticingly. Even through the bra I could see the hardened tips, the ones she loved for me to touch.

Don't. Touch.

Bella's face flushed deeper as I looked at her, and her arms started crossing over her chest, gaze beginning to rest on the floor. My staring was making her self-conscious.

“Bella,” my voice sounded odd even to myself. “Bella, I can't...I can't tell you...But Bella, please don't be shy. It's me. It's just me. I love you.”

Nodding once, she regained the courage that had gotten her this far, and ordered me to match her state of undress.

I've never taken my shirt off so quickly in my life.

Walking up to me, she ran her hands first up, then across my chest, starting on my abs, and ending on my shoulders, her eyes roaming over me as she chewed her bottom lip.

Women tended to like my chest for some reason—a girlfriend had once told me that girls loved swimmer’s bodies. It meant nothing at the time, but now, with Bella, I cared a lot what she thought.

Leaning in, she kissed my chest, softly running her lips across my skin, hands caressing where her lips did not. My breathing became embarrassingly erratic. When her lips encircled my nipple, and her hot tongue flicked out, laving it firmly, I actually gasped, trying desperately not to clutch at her head to get her to do it again.

But she did anyway, then again, chuckling at my repeated response.

Stepping back, she shocked the hell out of me by beginning to unbutton her jeans, slowly extricating each round fastener from its hole, before sliding the entire article down her hips, then off her completely. Her panties were a matched set with the bra, sitting on her hips and just barely covering everything else.

Her body was in-fucking-sane. She was slim, but had beautiful curves, rounded in all the right places.

In my experience, most women look better before you actually see them undressed. The vision in your head is always better. Bella was the exception.

Cocking an eyebrow, she stood in front of me expectantly. “Well? Are you going to stand there and gawk at me all day, or are you going to drop trou too?

Now it was my turn to get nervous. She had touched me—there—a few times now, but touching under the cover of clothing, or while, say, driving down a highway was one thing. Having her see me like this—fully exposed—was another, and slightly nerve-wracking. But she had been more than brave enough already. It was my turn.

Smiling nervously I began to remove my jeans, only to hear Bella chuckle before saying, “Edward, don't be shy. It's just me.” Her face grew more serious then, voice deepening just a touch as she added, “I love you.”

The truth of her words, the utter confidence she had about them, pushed all nervousness aside. We wanted each other. Nothing else mattered.

As I stood again, painfully erect and clothed in nothing but my boxer-briefs, she took me in as I had done her, slowly running her gaze over my entire form. I didn't fail to notice that her gaze lingered in particular areas longer than others, eyes widening at times, before moving on.

I wasn't paranoid about size, or anything physical. Truth is, for all my awkwardness and social retardation, I knew that I was fairly good looking and not lacking, physically. It wasn’t about that. My shyness came specifically from being with Bella. She was so fucking important to me, that exposing myself to her felt like I was risking something.

She took my hands in hers, leading me back to the bed.

But for now, enjoy chapter 20!



  1. Hot, hot, hot (and they're not even naked yet!) Does this mean you are close to posting? :)

  2. the geeks are gonna do it...
    the geeks are gonna do it...
    (can you hear the tune?)

  3. ^ couldn't have said it better.

    I love this story, lemons aside you have made an awesome plot!