Monday, November 16, 2009

Geek Love - Sneak Peek at chapter 20

This is a tiny preview of the next chapter of Geek Love. I would post more, but I have a lot of re-writing to do.  I wrote most of chapter 20 last weekend, but decided 3/4 of it needs to move into chapter 21, and I need to write more of 20.  So, without further ado...
Glancing up from my little Disney birds-circling-my-head gaze at Bella, I saw her dad watching me, a familiar look on his face. I had seen that look on Jasper’s face, as well as Emmett’s and even my dad’s. They had all worn that same look when they saw me with Bella.

It said: Dude, you’re totally fucked.

I met Charlie’s expression with a shit-eating grin.

It said: Fucked and loving it.

Finally after Bella's eleventy-seventh curious look at the two of us, she finally spat out, "Which one did they replace? Or was it both of you?"

Charlie and I looked at each other, but seeing that neither of us understood the question we both turned back to her. She was drinking her watered-down diner coffee, scowling at us both.

Setting her cup down she blurted out, "Aliens!"

Geek Love chapter 20 will be up on or before Monday, November  23rd.

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