Sunday, January 10, 2010


I have a confession to make.  OK, I have two. Mostly, though, I want to know yours.

1. I have Sinful Thoughts:

I am currently not only reading, but enjoying a Bella/Edward fic in which they are both siblings and lovers.  Yes, as in "Incest is the best -- it's a game the whole family can play!" In Sinful Thoughts, Edward is Bella's adopted brother. They don't know he's adopted when they start making the Sibling with Two Backs in their heads, nor do they know it when they share their first kiss.

Once they discover Edward's long-lost (read: hidden by Renee) birth certificate, it takes them about 2.2 seconds to do the fat nasty.  They utterly ignore the fact that they are legally still siblings, and call the same two people "Mom" and "Dad".

Their relationship rips the family apart, and causes Charlie and Renee to divorce.

The reasons not to read this fic are almost countless.  And yet, I did, and to my utter surprise I liked it.  I root for those crazy kids, and by chapter 20 started getting angry at the implication that people might judge them.

I have not, however, recced it to anyone.  I don't want to have to explain it.
I walked into the room, closing the door behind me. She looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to say the first word.

“I’m adopted.”

She let out the breath she was holding and slid over to sit next to me. Bella enveloped me in her arms creating comfort that I was unaware I needed. The safety she provided made me continue talking.

“I feel hurt because they hid it from me, but I also feel guilty at the relief I feel.”

“Relief?” she inquired.

“Bella, you have been a wonderful sibling, but I am so glad you are not my sister.”

“Oh Edward, thank fuck you’re not my brother.”

Now, I had heard Bella curse before, but I could count on one hand the times she had said fuck. The sound of her exasperated voice along with the cuss word caused me to burst out laughing. Before long her delicate frame barked out a loud guffaw which only caused me to laugh harder.

Our laughter died down and we became quiet. I looked over at her and she was playing with her hands and looking at the floor.

“Bella?” I asked softly.

She looked up at me and our eyes locked. In that moment I could feel our connection, as tangible as the bed we sat on. I reached my hand up and brushed her hair back, tucking it behind her ear. I could hear her swallow; the room was so hushed. The silent conversation between us was clear; even if everyone was against us, we knew we weren’t wrong. I leaned my body into hers, taking my time to breath in her scent. This kiss would be different from the last one we shared. There was no trick, no guilt, no shame. Her breath hit my lips a moment before…
2. I Boycott the Barflies

I was a late-comer to fanfic.  When I first started I asked for recs, and heard so much about the "greats" -- the Boycotts and Barflies and Trust in Advertising type fics, I jumped straight on them.

And jumped straight off again.

I couldn't, despite three separate attempts on B&B, and two on TIA, get past the dialogue. Perhaps knowing that they were considered publication-worthy raised my expectations unrealistically, but I just couldn't do it.

Do you have any fic confessions? I really want to know. Is there a fic you love to hate? Or better yet, hate to love, but can't help it? Is there a dark secret you've been hiding (love to see Carlisle slut it up? Want nothing more than to see Edward get it hard from Jasper?)

My inquiring mind wants to know.


  1. Oh, Sassy (what do people shorten your pen to?) I do have a confession and am only too happy to share it with a woman who shares my love of Jamie Fraser and all things Outlander. Ok, so I haven't even shared this with one of my very favorite people and someone I have come to consider my kindred spirit. I hate to love the Training School Saga. All the BDSM is soooooo, over the top and completely unlike me (I can't imagine being put in that situation) not to mention slash normally isn't my thing either but I just find it hot. Oh, I feel really dirty admitting this!

    I must also confess that I have often considered reading Sinful Thoughts but haven't because I think I might get really pissed off during the course of their outting themselves.

    So glad to have this outlet for my dirty little secrets. Thanks!

  2. Your secret is safe with me. Please say six "Hail Gabaldons" and your sins will be forgiven.


  3. I am secretly hating on some Twi-Fic award winners, even though I am reading them. I mean, they won awards, so I should be able to learn something, right? Evidently, not so much. Flat, flat, flat and ham-handed with the dialogue. Yes, there is sexin' but there is no flow. Cardboard could get it on and it would be hotter.

    Not helping? I'm reading the Black Dagger Brotherhood series offline and it is owning me.

  4. I'm with you on the Sinful Thoughts front. I love it. I'm also with your other commenter on The Training School saga and the BDSM fics in general. I'm SO not into BDSM and yet, I really enjoy reading fics that involve it...probably because I could never engage in it in real life.

  5. My first confession would be that fic owns me. I'd rather read fic that do just about anything else.

    My second confession is that I love slash. I thought I would hate it and I read one for some good reason I can't remember now and realized that buttsecks is hot.

    My third confession is that lemons don't so it for me the way they used to . I need a lot of good story and chemistry before I find a lemon believable. I wonder if that is the case for anyone else.

    My fourth confession is that I adore you hardcore SassenachWench. Hardcore. <3

  6. I meant to say..."now I realize"...I know it'll drive you nuts SW.

  7. "My third confession is that lemons don't so it for me the way they used to . I need a lot of good story and chemistry before I find a lemon believable. I wonder if that is the case for anyone else."

    Totally true for me.

    And I'm glad you grew to love the slash. I know how anti you were. :)

  8. So, this isn't really a confession. This is just me telling you that I'm reading you on Twilighted right now. More accurately, I'm reading 'Geek Love', and I'm adoring it! So I stalked on onto here... in a totally not-really-a-creepy-stalker-way, of course, and uh.. just wanted to say you're awesome!

  9. A reviewer told me that you rec'd my story here. Thanks for the wonderful right up on Sinful Thoughts. I am honoured that you chose to mention it on your blog.